Smart and compact, the automatic Wireless Start-Gate (WISG) is completing our wireless line of products. 

Wireless communication

To improve robustness and increase reliability, a two-way protocol is used in the communication between the transmitter WISG and the TBox-Radio.
In case of frequency jamming or poor radio transmission data will be resent several times.

Expensive sports timing devices are history

FDS-Timing makes constant efforts in the design of cost-effective solution which will fit most of the timing requirements.


Beside radio transmission, the WISG includes also a wired output which makes it compatible with most timing equipment available on the market.


Radio frequency bands:                    EU (868MHz) / US-CAN (920-924 MHz) / India (865-867MHz)l
Operating temperature:                  -20°c to 60°C
Autonomy:                                                 up to 150 hours @ 20°C
Dimension / weight:                            100x80x80mm / 460gr

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