2022 products news


We have developed a new special firmware for the WINP Transmitter which allows us the possibility to use the WINP as a repeater to echo the radio transmission from either a WIRC photocell or WISG start gate. The WINP can be positioned in a more convenient location to receive the WIRC/WISG impulse and repeat to the TBox

WISG Start-Gate

Smart and compact, the automatic Wireless Start-Gate (WISG) is completing our wireless line of products. 

Needing to absorb significant shock and cope with low temperatures whilst integrating precise components and engineering the WISG has demanded significant time investment in the design process.

RCID self identification box

The competitor ID remote control RCID automates your training timing requirements by allowing competitors to self-identify themselves to our TBox and iOS app before they leave the start.

MLED with wireless control

Just released in March 2021, this MLED model comes with an embedded radio receiver module. Initially designed to work with our TBox-Radio model 41 and Smart-Chrono IOS app, it opens the door to a wide range of new possibilities.

This module share the same network as our WIRC photocells and receives its data from a TBox-Radio which is located ideally less than 100 meters away with a direct line of sight (A few hundred meters can be reached depending of environmental conditions and devices location).

We propose a standard 96x16cm display « MLED-3R » composed with 1 MLED-Radio (Master) and 2 regular MLED modules. Of course larger display can be assembled adding extra regular MLED modules.

Please contact your representative for more details about applications and possibilities.

Wireless MLED used as traffic lights

2017 - 2020


MLED LED panel Transformation

Following 12 months of research and development we are extremely pleased to present the MLED-CTRL Box.

Designed as an optional upgrade to our popular MLED modular LED display, MLED-CTRL transforms the standard LED panel into a multi-function intelligent display suitable for all types of sports and events.

With the integrated Bluetooth and our free iOS App you can quickly switch between modes.

The integrated GPS, Bluetooth, and Wireless Radio ensure simplicity, precision and reliability supporting optional modes for virtually any requirement including:

Start Clock, Speed Trap, Stopwatch, Lap Timer, Split Timer, Race Clock, Date / Time / Temperature, Lap Counter, Count-Down Timer, Count-Up Timer and more.

FIS & FEI Homologation

FDS is proud to annonce that our two majors products TBox-Radio and WIRC photocell are now homologated by the FIS and FEI

TBox-Radio : FDS.001T.20
WIRC Photocells: FDS.L001.20

TBox-Radio : 2019001-1A
WIRC Photocells: 2019001-1B/C

WebResults & Remote Timing

FDS is proud to launch its online live result service.
Named “WebResults”, this service will allow customers to send online race results timed on our “tbox Chrono” and “Smart Chrono” IOS apps.
Race data and results can be post online at any moment during or at the end of the race.

A subscription is required to have access to this service. In case of interest, please contact our team for further details about fees and conditions.