Smart and compact, the Wireless Input Transmitter (WINP) is completing our wireless line of products. Its function is to transmit any incoming impulses to the TBox-Radio timing console using a bidirectional radio protocol.

With WINP, you will be able to integrate any other manufacturers timing equipment* (E.g. start gate, photocell, push button, switch tape) to a wireless FDS-Timing setup.

* Working with equipments delivering impulses.

Wireless communication

To improve robustness and increase reliability, a two-way protocol is used in the communication between the transmitter WINP and the TBox-Radio.
In case of frequency jamming or poor radio transmission data will be resent several times.

Expensive sports timing devices are history

FDS-Timing makes constant efforts in the design of cost-effective solution which will fit most of the timing requirements.


The WINP input is compatible with most equipment available on the market which are delivering impulses using, mechanical switch, open collector or optocoupler output.


Radio frequency bands:                    EU (868MHz) / US-CAN (920-924 MHz) / India (865-867MHz)l
Operating temperature:                  -20°c to 70°C
Precision:                                                   > 1/1000sec
Dead Time (between impulses):   200ms – 500ms
Autonomy:                                                 up to 100 hours
Dimension / weight:                            93x60x27mm / 100gr

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