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Device-Manager & Remote-Timer Apps

We have very good news for all of our customers using Android phones or tablets.
We finally decided to invest time designing Android applications to complete our portfolio. So we are happy to propose a light version of our well know “Remote-Timer” app for distant timing.

At the same time we also decided to merge our TBox and Display settings apps to only one and main application we called “Device-Manager”. It is available now for download on IOS and Android and is replacing the former “TBox-Setup ” and “Disp-Control”.







We have developed a new special firmware for the WINP Transmitter which allows us the possibility to use the WINP as a repeater to echo the radio transmission from either a WIRC photocell or WISG start gate. The WINP can be positioned in a more convenient location to receive the WIRC/WISG impulse and repeat to the TBox

WebResults & Remote Timing

FDS is proud to launch its online live result service.
Named “WebResults”, this service will allow customers to send online race results timed on our “tbox Chrono” and “Smart Chrono” IOS apps.
Race data and results can be post online at any moment during or at the end of the race.


A subscription is required to have access to this service. In case of interest, please contact our team for further details about fees and conditions.


01.06.2024 New update : Firmware MLED-CTRL 3.0.1 / DBox 1.1.0
12.05.2024 New update : Firmware MLED V2.4.0 / Disp-Setup 3.2.0 (PC)
30.04.2024 New update : Firmware TBox-Radio (41) V3.0.1
09.04.2024 New update : FDS-Server-Interface V 1.3.0 (PC) / Firmware MLED-CTRL V3.0.0 / WINP Relay 22.0.2
17.12.2023 New product : Firmware DBox V1.0.0
26.11.2023 New update : Firmware TBox-Radio (41) V3.0.0
07.11.2023 New update : Display-Setup V3.1.0 (PC) / FDS-Server-Interface V1.2.0 (PC) / Firmware MLED V2.3.0
07.11.2023 New app : FDS-Remote-Timer V1.0.0 (Android)
10.07.2023 New update : Display-Setup V3.0.0 (PC)
10.07.2023 New update : Firmware TBox-Radio (41) V2.2.0 / Firmware TBox-Radio (40) V2.10.0 / Firmware WIRC-RX V2.0.1
10.07.2023 New update : WINP Relay 22.0.1 / WINP Radio Tx V22.0.2
18.06.2023 New update : Firmware MLED V2.2.0 / Firmware MLED-CTRL V2.2.1
24.05.2023 New update : Firmware TBox-Radio (41) V2.1.0
23.05.2023 New update : Firmware MLED V2.1.1 / WINP Radio Tx V22.0.1 / TBox-Setup 3.3.1 (PC)
06.05.2023 New update : Firmware TBox-Standard V2.8.0 / Firmware TBox-Radio (40) V2.9.1 / TBox-Setup 3.3.0 (PC)
06.05.2023 New update : Disp-Setup 2.9.0 (PC)
22.04.2023 New update : Firmware MLED V2.0.1
New Firmware : WINP Radio Tx V22.0.0
02.04.2023 New update : Firmware TBox-Radio (41) V2.0.0 / Firmware TBox-Radio (40) V2.9.0 / TBox-Setup 3.2.0 (PC)
02.04.2023 New update : Firmware WIRC-RX V2.0.0 / Firmware WISG V2.0.0 / Firmware WINP V2.0.0
02.04.2023 New update : Firmware WINP Relay V20.0.0
02.04.2023 New update : Firmware MLED V2.0.0 / Firmware MLED-CTRL V2.2.0 / Display-Setup V2.8.0 (PC)