FIS & FEI Homologation

FDS is proud to annonce that our two majors products TBox-Radio and WIRC photocell are now homologated by the FIS and FEI

TBox-Radio : FDS.001T.20
WIRC Photocells: FDS.L001.20

TBox-Radio : 2019001-1A
WIRC Photocells: 2019001-1B/C


FDS is proud to launch its online live result service.
Named “WebResults”, this service will allow customers to send online race results timed on our “tbox Chrono” and “Smart Chrono” IOS apps.
Race data and results can be post online at any moment during or at the end of the race.

By activating the ‘live’ switch in the app, results will instantly appear online as soon as the competitor cross the finish gate.

Races information and results are public by default and can be access online by anyone. A ‘private ‘ option can however be activated for those who don’t want to share their race data.

A subscription is required to have access to this service. In case of interest, please contact our team for further details about fees and conditions.

MLED (modular LED display panel)

Another new product available since this summer is our full color LED display module called MLED.
We have concentrate all our efforts to design a light, powerful and ultra compact display module (only 800gr and 27mm thick).
Those modules can easily be stacked together to form large display lines of custom sizes.
FDS propose an aluminium frame to assemble 3 of those modules together to form a 960x160mm display line capable of 8 full size digits or 2×16 half size digits. Longer frames of 4 modules or more can also be provided on request.

In a first phase, those display will only be driven via an RS232 port using the standard protocol. There are of course fully compatible with our TBox.
A control Box is under development and should be available early 2020 to complete the second phase.
This box will be equipped with Bluetooth, GPS, RS485, radio module, inputs/outputs for impulses and control switches.
This will open to our display a wide range of possibilities and innovative applications.

Other Products

Please consult our products page.