Tutorials & Presentations

Divers Presentations

    Smart-Jumping app
    Remote timing – FDS Server to PC interface
    Remote timing – Remote Timer app
    Identification with tags (RCID)
    Ethernet-RS232 module settings
    MLED-1C (start-clock)
    Reaching long distance with TBox radio
    Street Race solution 1
    Street Race solution 2


    Power ON/OFF
    TBox, DBox and WIRC/WINP pairing
   Set radio group ID
    How to align a WIRC
   TBox/DBox GPS synchro
   TBox Firmware update
   DBox Firmware update
    TBox Tips and tricks
   TBox Auto Timing mode (training)
   WINP as Relay
   WINP as Radio transmitter

Display (MLED & Control)

    MLED-3S assembly
    MLED-3C presentation
   MLED multi rows settings
    MLED-DS (dual side) presentation
    MLED firmware update

Remote Timing

    Remote-Timer with Smart-Chrono presentation
    Remote-Timer with PC via TBox presentation
    FDS Server Interface app presentation
    Remote-Timer General settings and use
    Demo with Smart-Chrono
    Demo with PC via TBox
    Demo with PC via the “Server interface” app

Device Manager app

    Presentation & general settings
    TBox / settings
    DBox / mode User mode
    DBox / mode Clock
    DBox / mode Start-Finisf
    DBox / mode Speed
    DBox / mode Counter
    DBox / mode Start-Clock

Smart-Chrono app

    Features overview
    New competition
    TBox and Inputs settings
    Display settings
    Bluetooth printer settings
    Import competitors CSV list
    Manage competitors
    Start list
    Speed settings
    Start-Finish competition
    Start-Finish manage impulses
    Parallel General competition
    Parallel Multi run competition
    Parallel Training competition 1
    Parallel Street race
    Manage Results (multi run)
    SC with TBox in auto timing mode

Smart-Jumping app

    New competition
    TBox and Inputs settings
    Import competitors CSV list
    Manage competitors
    Start list
    Time a competition
    Manage the results
    Export the results

TBox-Chrono app


Disp Control app (for old Display)

    Basic modes
    Start-Finish, Speed and Counter modes
    Start-Clock mode


    New SC, SJ, WT subscription