FDS-Cloud timing

FDS provides a intergrated solution for long distance timing via its “WebTiming” service and dedicated applications such as “Remote-Timer IOS” and “FDS Server interface for PC”

Remote location

Timing data captured via our TBox is transmitted, together with Competitor ID, to the FDS-Cloud using our iOS application Remote-Timer (iPhone or iPad).


Timing center location

There are 3 main configurations possible:

  1. Using Smart-Chrono as the main timing application.
  2. Using a third-party PC software capable to connect a TBox or TagHeuer CP545 via ethernet. The connection to the Cloud is made with our PC app “FDS server interface”.
  3. Using any softwares or devices capable to connect a TBox via RS232 or USB. In this scenario the connection to the Cloud is made with another iOS device using Remote-Timer in RX mode to transfer received data via a TBox.

WebTiming service

The WebTiming service give acces to the FDS-Cloud server for remote timing as well as posting race results from Smart-Chrono or TBox-Chrono to our website https://webresults.fdstiming.com/

An annual subscription is required to use this service.
A subscription allows the activation of 5 devices (more on request).
Annually, the registered device list can be deleted in order to activate new devices.
All your subscriptions are managed in your FDS account. An account can be created in one of the following Apps:

  • SmartChrono
  • SmartJumping
  • Remote Timer
  • TBox Chrono

Remote Timer (IOS App)

Is an intuitive App for any remote timing points, without limitation in distance between the Timing Centre and remote locations.
With Remote-Timer, you can input competitors numbers before sending their start time of day.
Our FDS-Cloud plateform is use to link any Remote-Timer devices to Smart-Chrono or to your preferred PC timing software.

FDS Server Interface (PC App)

Windows based Hybrid FDS-Cloud to PC solution to transfer timing data direct from all of your Remote-Timer locations to your local PC and timing software.