Start-Finish Long Distance Solution

When distance is needed

Thanks to our Remote-Timer IOS App, in this setup timing points can be located anywhere 4G or Wifi is available.
Long distance with the timing center is not an issue anymore.
Start and Intermediates are timed with WIRC Photocells, any model of TBox, and an IOS device running our Remote-Timing App.
Time impulses received by the TBox are transferred to the Remoter-Timer App via Bluetooth.
After an optional identification with competitors’s Bib, thoses time stamps are send to the FDS-Cloud server.

iOS Timing

Timing is performed on Ipad using our Smart-Chrono application

The FDS-Cloud server will link any Remote-Timer data to the Smart-Chrono App.
The TBox RS232 outputs can drive an optional MLED display as well a thermal printer.

PC Timing (third party)

Timing is performed on a computer using a third party software

At Timing Center, the data come via FDS-Cloud to the Remote-Timer device and transfer to PC via TBox.
The TBox RS232 and USB outputs offer different communication protocols, making it compatible
with most of the timing softwares on the market.
In this configuration, a thermal printer can also be driven from the TBox.


WIRC Photocells
Thermal Printer
MLED Display
Smart-Chrono IOS App
Remote-Tmer IOS App