The smallest sports timing console on the market

High-end electronic components and sophisticated firmware are housed in a simple and functional case, ensuring professional performance at competitive price.

The TBox main purpose is to capture time events triggered by manual switches, photocells or other devices. Those events are then transmitted to you preferred timing applications (*1) via serial port or Bluetooth(*2). For some applications, the TBox can also act as a Bluetooth interface for external displays or printers.

(*1) Only for applications compatible with FDS, Tag Heuer, Alge or Seiko protocols.
(*2) Only with FDS applications.

Designed to work with tablets and smartphones

The TBox design and technology follows the inspiration of how we all live our life today with Bluetooth technology and user Apps. It opens a wide range of new possibilities, using professional timing equipment together with tablets and smartphone applications.Currently we provide customers with a couple of well design iOS apps, but we also give the possibility for developers to create their own customized App using our TBox Bluetooth iOS library.

Peace of Mind timing

With its internal 2Gb memory loss of timing data is significantly reduced. and you can keep a track of your previous race data.

Embedded GPS

The TBox (*) has the added benefit of an embedded GPS receiver with internal antenna. This guarantees high precision timing, and independent synchronization.
It also offers an external GPS antenna connectivity to help in areas of reduced signal reception.

(*) only TBox-Standard GPS and TBox-Radio 

Distant Photocells

The TBox-Radio model can receive radio impulses from our WIRC Photocells or WINP Transmitter. To improve robustness and increase reliability, a two-way protocol is used in the communication.

Expensive sports timing devices are history

TBox is the most cost effective solution to fit many timing requirements (even if only used as a backup timing solution!)
Not only is TBox significantly more economically priced than most other products, it is designed to integrate with many ancillary devices meaning no need to upgrade your existing photocells, displays or software. TBox also allows you to choose ancillary devices to suit your budget.


TBox are compabible with most of the timing equipment and software
Its inputs can be driven by photocells open-collector outputs or optocoupler, which is the most standard technology
Thanks to its USB and RS232 protocols, you can use most of the software on the market.


Operating temperature:                  -20°c to 70°C
External inputs precision:               From 1/1 to 1/10’000sec
Time drift:                                                1ppm @ 20°C; max 2.5ppm
Bluetooth module:                              BLE-4.1
Autonomy:                                               45 – 140 hours (depending of the use)

For Radio model

Radio frequency bands:                    EU (869MHz) / US-CAN (920-924 MHz) / India (865-867MHz)
Radio impulses precision:                > 1/1000sec
Radio Power:                                          100mW

Homologation TBox-Radio



iOS Applications :

TBox Setup

Configure your TBox in a few seconds via Bluetooth using our dedicated iOS App.
Don’t use iOS? No problem, simply download our PC App to configure your TBox device via USB connectivity.

All applications are available on the DOWNLOAD page

TBox Chrono

Simple to use Start-Finish timing App for iPhone and iPad :

– Results ranking
– Speed Measurement
– Bib auto incrementation
– WebResults

All applications are available on the DOWNLOAD page

without GPS


With GPS


With GPS


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