WINP – Wireless impulse transmitter

The quick and clever wired-to-wireless option to integrate your existing devices with TBox.

Hate all those untidy cables? convert your existing hardwired photocells or start gates to wireless with WINP.

340.00 HT

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Standard operation

Smart and compact, the Wireless Input Transmitter WINP is completing our wireless line of products. It will transmit any incoming impulses to the TBox-Radio or DBox using a bidirectional radio protocol.
With WINP, you will be able to integrate any other manufacturers timing equipment (E.g. start gate, photocell, push button, switch tape) to a wireless FDS-Timing setup.

Radio data transmission

The WINP can also be used as Radio data transmitter to remotely control a display line. Distances of a few hundred of meters can be achieved from the transmitter. This mode of operation required a dedicated firmware to be installed.

Radio relay

At last the WINP can be also used as a radio relay where obstacles and distance decrease direct transmission range. This relay can be positioned in a more convenient location to receive the WIRC/WISG impulses and repeat to the timing device. Please used the dedicated firmware for the relay application.


USB (power & data)
Jack 3.5mm (impulse output & RS232 input)
Banana inputs for impulse (close contact)




Li-Ion battery (> 150h)
External power via USB

Radio frequency

868MHZ / 915MHZ
6-8 Groups


10 x 6 x 2.8 cm



Product Card

English (PDF 700KB)
Français (PDF 700KB)

User Manual

English (PDF 1.5MB)
Français (PDF 1.5MB)


Firmware WINP

Firmware for relay

Firmware & App WINP-Relay

Firmware for radio data transmission

Firmware WINP-Data Tx

    Power ON/OFF
    TBox, DBox and WIRC/WINP pairing
    WINP as Relay