Performance, Reliability, Simplicity

TBox & TBox-Radio, the smallest sports timing consoles on the market.
High-end electronic components and sophisticated firmware are housed in a simple and functional case, ensuring professional performance in a cost effective product.

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Wireless Photocells

WIRC, robust, compact and performant infrared photocells.
Up to 6 photocells can be linked to our TBox-Radio console using a bidirectional radio protocol.

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Transmitter Wireless Input

WINP, our Wireless Input Transmitter solution is the essential interface to integrate any starting devices in an FDS wireless timing setup.
With a special firware, it can also be used as a radio relay for WIRC.

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WISG Start-Gate

Smart and compact, the automatic Wireless Start-Gate (WISG) is completing our wireless line of products. 

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Remote Control ID (RCID)

The competitor ID remote control RCID automates your training timing requirements by allowing competitors to self-identify themselves to our TBox and iOS Apps before they leave the start. 

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MLED display

MLED, light, compact and modular color display panel.
Resolution of 32 x 16 Leds per module.
MLED can be assembled side by side to form a custom size timing screen.
A control box is also available to extend the MLED functionalities.

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Thermal Printer

Small and reliable, connected to a TBox, this battery powered printer is an essential item to fulfill the certification of some setup.


Ethernet to RS232 adaptor

Connect your MLED display or TBox directly to your Ethernet network.

This box is set by default to support by the DHCP protocol allowing automatic connection to your network and receive a dynamic IP address. You can detect the received IP using a small pc application.

You can manualy change the configuration using the provided PC app or via a browther. If needed a static IP can be defined.

The connecting port is 23 and default baudrate on the RS232 side is set to 9600bds to assure compatibility with our devices.