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The MLED Display introduces a new, flexible way to build your timing screens on race day. With its lightweight and modular design you can use as many panels as you need to build your desired display size for your event. Each panel weighs just 800 grams so connecting the displays and mounting them is light work. Each MLED has a definition of 32×16 dots and can be assembled side by side up to a total of 8 modules. Multi lines can also be placed on top of each other. MLED uses simple RS232 communication making it compatible with most timing software or alternatively links directly with your TBox timing device via the RS232 output.

The MLED-3D include our DBox which transforms the standard LED panel into a multi-function intelligent display suitable for all types of sports and events.
It integrates functionalities as Bluetooth, GPS synchro, WIRC compatible radio transceiver, digital temperature sensor reading input, audio line output and sync output for countdown applications, 2 wired time capture inputs.


We propose 6 modes of operation:

  • User text mode (RS232/RS485 standard protocol)
  • Time / Date / temperature
  • Start-Finish
  • Speed trap
  • Counter
  • Start-Clock

Product Card

DBox English (PDF 800KB)
DBox Français (PDF 800KB)

User Manual

DBox English (PDF 1MB)


Firmware DBox
MLED Firmware

MLED-3C/3D presentation
MLED firmware update

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