TBox-Radio V41

The smallest sophisticated Swiss designed-and-packaged sports timer in the world!

Our V41 TBox is the forerunner model, not only with GPS but also full wireless capability allowing the very simple and portable solution without cables.

634.00 HT

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The V41 TBox having 4 wireless inputs and 2 hardwired allows up to 6 photocells or other impulse devices. Battery life is slightly less but still packing a punch it can easily manage 2 days of continuous timekeeping. With both USB and Bluetooth integration you are able to connect to any of our Timing Apps or 3rd party Timing software solutions. Data loss is not a concern, with all critical time-stamped impulses being stored on the internal on SD card. Onboard GPS with external antenna extends the precision further


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2 wired + 6 Wireless



Time drift

(no GPS): 1 ppm @20°C / 2.5ppm (-20 to +60°C)

Wireless modules

BLE 5 & Radio 868Mhz – 920Mhz

Output protocols

FDS, TagHeuer, Alge, Seico


45 – 140 hours


12 x 8 x 3 cm



Product Card

English (PDF 800KB)
Français (PDF 800KB)

User Manual

English (PDF 1MB)
Français (PDF 1MB)


Firmware TBox Radio-41

    Power ON/OFF
    TBox, DBox and WIRC/WINP pairing
    TBox/DBox GPS synchro
    TBox Firmware update
    TBox Tips and tricks
    TBox Auto Timing mode (training)